for conducting public events and for the use of fixed sound devices to promote candidates. Broadcast by TV channel Globo, the most popular in Brazil, the debate was different from.

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r of the earthquake on Feb. 27, which killed some 500 people and left some 800,000 people homeless. Chile will play its first match of the World Cup against Honduras on June 16 in Ne.

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ould be handled by those directly involved in a peaceful way. Moreover, it can hardly be accepted as a coincidence that the previously calm South China Sea has lost its tranquilit.

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t significant global challenges, such as climate change, proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and widespread poverty will become "highly acute" in Asia in the next few d.

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o the parade, authorities said. ?Officials confirmed that?5 students who had contact with the man diagnosed with Ebola are being monitored. Texas Governor Rick Perry said the stud.

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designed by Kirchner's late husband, the former Argentine President Nestor Kirchner. BRASILIA, Sept. 9 (Xinhua) -- Brazil and Argentina will cooperate on accelerating the product .

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al Kabul lady Karima, 41, yammered. Full story Special Report: 10th Anniversary of 9/11 Terror Attacks Backgrounder: Chronology of 10-year U.S. anti-terrorism Backgrounder: 9/11 att.

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continue to increase pressure on Syria to isolate the Assad and his government. BOGOTA, June 9 (Xinhua) -- U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Wednesday expressed interest.

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i Army militia, to freeze activities against U.S. troops after clashes with Iraqi security forces and other rival Shiite militia. Mahdi Army's ceasefire along with the U.S. troops .

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