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l, located some 335 km northeast of the capital Bogota. In a second operation, five rebels belonging to the 27th Front of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) insurge

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the body. Most states, excluding Maine and Nebraska, employ the "winner-takes-all" system, meaning whichever ticket wins the popular vote wins all of the state's electoral votes. A

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stries are occupied by members of the opposition party. Rousseff kept seven cabinet members from President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva's administration. The ministers of Finance, Lab

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ey. Still, it's far from clear whether Gingrich's momentum is sustainable and could translate into real votes. Despite the strong momentum Gingrich enjoys now, he is likely to fin

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Brazil's Rio de Janeiro state registered a significant fall in violent deaths but rising criminal numbers in April, official sources said on Monday. According to Public Security In

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t ages of homes (old, typical and new) in 10 U.S. cities for a total of 30 different test simulations to determine what combination of energy efficiency and renewable generation

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rance companies will be banned from denying coverage to children based on pre-existing medical conditions; insurers will be prohibited from dropping coverage to people who get si